Kestrel 5700 Elite Weather Meter

The Kestrel 5700.  This sort of replaced the Sportsman as now a more affordable option.

So what's the difference in the 5700 and the Elite Model? The Elite has the proprietary Applied Ballistics software. The 5700 has ballistics software, but it's not Applied Ballistics. If you want the best, get the Elite.  If are watching your money more in the expensive sport, here is what you need to know on the difference.

  • PRICE: you can upgrade later to the Elite for $300.
  • COLOR: Only available in Tan.
  • LiNK - It only comes with LiNK which is where you'll get any firmware updates.
  • DSF - It does not have Drop Scale Factor, so if you are shooting transonic (past 1200 yards), do not get this meter, get the Elite.  Shooting less than 1200, it won't matter.
  • CUSTOM CURVES- The Elite has the custom curves.  The 5700 does NOT.  People who rely on G1 / G7 rely on what the bullet manufacturer wants you to believe and is on the box. Sometimes this is marketing by the manufacturer.  Companies are known to fudge there G7 factors to make it sound better than it is against the competition.The Custom curves have been tested and proven.  They are measurements to a specific bullet, so there is a lot of value to someone who cares. This has tremendous value, which is what costs you $300 more for the Elite, but will easily save you that in bullets over time.

Product variations

Product CodeProduct Description
KEST-0857ALFDE Kestrel 5700 Elite Weather Meter Applied Ballistics LiNK FDE
KEST-0857AFDE 5700 Elite Weather Meter Applied Ballistics Flat Dark Earth