Professional Fulcrum Trigger Drop-In Kit, 4th Gen, 9mm

Product Codes:

  • Black/Black: ZEV-DRP-4G-PRO.B-B
  • Black/Red: ZEV-DRP-4G-PRO.B-R


The ZEV Technologies™ Professional Fulcrum Drop in Trigger replacement kit for the GLOCK® is one of the most important upgrades a user can make.

The Fulcrum® PRO Drop-in Trigger assembly greatly enhances the feel of trigger pull through the built-in adjustments.

*This kit does not include the ZEV Stainless Steel Firing Pin*


You will immediately notice these differences in your guns performance after installation:

  • The trigger face is flatter and the trigger safety is three times wider than a stock trigger; this is ideal for quickly placing your finger in the optimal firing position. This will help build proper muscle memory for improved consistency and accuracy.
  • Because of ZEV's proprietary trigger bar refinements, the trigger operates smoothly through the entire length of pull.
  • The non-adjustable pre- & over-travel are built in to create a shorter overall pull and faster reset.
  • Trigger adjustments give the benefit of shorter take up, post break travel and will result in a shorter reset.


Note: The differences between ZEV's Drop-In Kit and the Ultimate Kit are a Skeletonized Firing Pin. The benefit of adding the Skeletonised Firing Pin is its lighter construction, polish, and the tip of the firing pin is extended for more positive primer ignition.


ZEV Parts always incorporate design, feel and performance. A Fulcrum PRO Trigger will upgrade the look of your gun as triggers come in a selection of 2 colour combinations.