7.62x39 MSC SLAAP

Product Code: VS-SLAAP


The SLAAP™, Super Light Armor Applique Plate, Defeats 7.62x39 Mild Steel Core at 2,400 +50fps (Muzzle Velocity) In-conjunction With Approved Ballistic Helmets. The SLAAP™ is currently available for Ops-Core FAST Maritime and Ops-Core FAST High Cut helmets. The SLAAP™ attache to the front of the helmet with post & ball type fasteners for easy attachment & removal. Adhesive post and ball pads for helmet included with placement instructions.


Ballistic specifications:

  • Threat Level: 7.62x39 Mild Steel Core (ICW)
  • Type: In Conjunction With (ICW)
  • Composition: Polyethelyne
  • Shape: SLAAP