Triple 5.56 Elastic SwiftClip® Placard

Product Code: VS-ElasticPLAC-MC

Colour: Coyote Tan


The Elastic SwiftClip® Placard works in conjunction with our SwiftClip® attachment system on our carriers to quickly add three elastic pockets sized to hold one 5.56 magazine each or smaller magazines/tools. The back face of the placard is a Hook face to mate with a Loop face of the front of a carrier or vest. The height of the buckles from the top of the placard can be adjusted by Hook and Loop straps on the back of the placard to get the placard to the needed placement on the chest.

There are also two additional Hook and Loop tabs at the top of the placard to secure placard in place. Pull tabs at the bottom of placard act as grab points for quick separation of the placard Hook face from vest Loop face.