Riggers Belt, Enhanced Variable Width

Product Code: VS-RIG-**-**

Colour: Black, Coyote Tan


  • X-Small: 28” – 32”
  • Small: 32” – 36”
  • Medium: 36” – 40”
  • Large: 40” – 44”
  • X-Large: 44” – 48”

**Available with side release buckles (VS-RIGSR-**-**)


The Velocity Systems Enhanced Variable Width Riggers Belt is now available in black with three buckle options to choose from. The new buckle options allow each customer the ability to choose the belt that fits their individual needs. The Velocity Systems Enhanced Variable Width Riggers Belt solves the issue of having to wear both a trouser belt and then another riggers belt through a battle belt on top of that.

When used with Velocity Systems Operator Utility Belt, this belt can be used as a single belt to both keep your pants up and attach a Utility Belt. The Variable Width Riggers Belt is a 1.5” Riggers Belt that is woven down to 1” at the buckle so it fits through any trouser belt loops. The reverse of the belt is Velcro® One-Wrap® to mate with the interior of our Operator Utility Belt.



  • 1.5" to 1" Variable width woven webbing
  • Tie-In Point, Class 7 Stitched
  • Cobra Buckle by AustriAlpin COBRA (Rated for 2,600 lbs)
  • Side Release Buckle by ITW (Rated for 300 ft-lbs)
  • Compatible with Operator Utility Belt*

*Utility Belt is not included -  For illustrative purposes