757 Performance Denim

Product Code: PD-****

**Size (Waist): 32", 34", 36", 38"

**Size (Leg): 32, 34" 36"


S&S Precision has developed a groundbreaking new approach to the concept of “active wear”. The 757’s combine style and utility, allowing you to conceal, carry and confront the threat at all times.



  • Strategically located hidden pockets – front internal pocket for stowing clip type knife out of view or keeping smartphone located high and to the outside of the leg, hidden pocket along the rear seam that is large enough for a rifle magazine or full-size pistol.


  • Internal Belt Retention System – comes with internal belt retention strap, designed to reverse hook on internal belt openings; nothing clipped onto a waistband or hanging over the waistband.


  • 757 Holster – injection moulded thermoplastic elastomer holster fits most full-size handguns to include Glock, Sig, etc. The holster is symmetrically designed to be ambidextrous, with contoured surfaces for maximum comfort and angled belt slot for a more aggressive tilt forward.


For Multi Pistol Holster Fitment & Retention Chart refer to image.