Plate Frame Tactical

A minimised rigid plate frame structure that grasps the plate and creates a rigid mounting base for pouches. The Plate Frame Harness Assembly uses non-hygroscopic materials, and is manufactured in a non-stitch and non-sewn process. Ultra lightweight: 1lb 6oz.

Product variations

Product CodeProduct Description
S&S-PF-T001.1BLK Plate Frame, Tactical, Black sm/md Harness Assembly
S&S-PF-T001.1MC Plate Frame Tactical Multicam (Hydro dipped) sm/md harness assembly
S&S-PF-T001.1MC/TV Plate Frame Tactical Multicam (Hydro Dipped) SM/MD ToadVine Assembly
S&S-PF-T001.1TV Plate Frame Tactical ToadVine W/ sm/md Harness Assembly
S&S-PF-T001.1TV/MC Plate Frame Tactical ToadVine W/ sm/md Multicam Harness Assembly
S&S-PF-T001.1BK Plate Frame Tactical Black SML/MED Harness Assembly