Point - MPLS

Product Code: PRIN-MPLS-*-**

**Colours: Black, Tan, Olive Drab

*LED Colour: White, Green, Red, Blue, IR, UV


Designed for the end-user needing to streamline their gear, the Point - MPLS offers powerful LED technology in a virtually weightless package. Simplicity is key with a large, positive feeling push button and a single LED. With the capability to be mounted practically anywhere, you’ll never need to take your eyes off of your task at hand with the Point - MPLS.

Available with White, Red, IR, Green, or Blue LED



  • Power:10 Lumens
  • LAMP: Ultrabright
  • LED Burn Time: 36 Hours
  • Batteries: 2 2016 Lithium Coin Cell (2032 for red and Infrared and Red LED)
  • Weight: 17g