Charge MPLS

Product Code: PRIN-C-RBI-**

**Colour: Black, Tan, Olive Drab


The Charge MPLS is the natural evolution of personal task lights, with a flexi-neck design that gets spot illumination to the task at hand. New for the Charge, is the addition of a higher power Maxbright LED cluster with a wide beam pattern, easily accessible with a two-second press of the button.

Available in a choice of red, blue, green, infrared or R/B/IR and R/G/IR combinations.



  • Power: 55 Lumens
  • Lamp: Maxbright LED, 3 mm High, 3 mm Low
  • Burn Time: 46 Hours
  • Batteries: 1 AA Alkaline or Lithium
  • Weight: 47 Grams