ASAD Dump Pouch

Product Code: PLAT-826150

Colour: Multicam

Dimensions: Velcro panel width 200mm, Pouch height 270mm


The ASAD Dump Pouch is a feature packed product that has the ability to not only carry spent magazines, but also a respirator, first aid dressings, shotgun cartridges, Cyalume tourniquet and water bottles. 

The design allows the user to quickly close the top of the pouch via routed cinch cord.  The pouch can be closed by utilising the two Velcro tabs located inside the opening of the pouch. 

The pull-tab release system allows for quick deployment of the pouch with only one movement.

The dump pouch also will accept soft armour via a hook and loop opening on the rear of the pouch.  



  • Hook and loop sandwich mounting to work with products such as BADGER ASAD plate carrier, Chisel chest rigs etc.
  • Large pull-tab quick release systems
  • Cinch cord with barrel lock
  • Internal elastic loops for shotgun shells, Cyalume, FAD and tourniquet etc.
  • Accepts soft armour
  • Can be used as a respirator pouch
  • Drainage slit
  • Genuine Multicam fabric
  • 500 denier Cordura