EGO Belt Pad

Product Code: PLAT-829362

Colour: Multicam

Dimensions: Large: 850mm (W) x 100mm (H)

Weight: 460g


The EGO belt pad is a lightweight first line belt pad for the carriage of items such as ammunition, IFAK, dump pouch, sidearm etc.

Platatac has triple stitched 3 rows of MOLLE across the length of the belt pad with Velcro partitions of 2 columns of MOLLE and one block of 4 columns on the rear for the attachment of pouches. This design allows the user to weave their Velcro backed belt in and out of a holster or other belt mounted items

The belt pad gets it superior form from heavy duty mesh, helium whisper sections and a plastic stiffener.

The EGO has been engineered in this way to allow for cooling in hot climates, natural grip via the helium whisper sections and the stiffener makes the belt pad a stable platform for pouches and holsters.

This EGO is designed to work with Velcro loop backed belts.)



  • Large 18 MOLLE Columns x 2 rows
  • 4 ITW loop locks for the attachment of a shoulder harness
  • Easy integration with ASAD Velcro in products
  • Triple-stitched webbing
  • ITW Nexus Hardware
  • Helium Whisper 
  • 500 Denier Nylon