Cool Under Tactical Shirt (CUTS V2 PTG) (FR)

Product Code: PLAT-CUS-BLK-**

Colour: Black

**Sizes: Medium, Medium Long, Long, XL, XL Long


The CUTS V2 PTG specifically designed to promote cooling when using body armour in warm or humid environments or whilst conducting strenuous fast-paced activities.

The CUTS differs greatly from a regular BDU shirt through the use of lightweight, moisture-wicking fabric in areas where body armour contacts the body, such as the torso. The fabric maximises airflow and heat dissipation where it is required.

The Sleeves are constructed from a heavier weight fabric ensuring maximum durability. The sleeves feature upper arm pockets with pie tabs allowing the attachment of multiple IFF patches and include a webbing flap allowing the user to either hide or display an IR Square. The Pockets also features an additional smaller zip pocket on top of the original pocket.