Chicom Padded H-Harness

Product Code: PLAT-832206

Colour: Multicam

Weight: 185g approx. 


The Chicom Padded H-Harness is designed in a way that it will not cause discomfort when worn under packs or over body armour. It is a lightweight, low profile harness that will provide a stable platform to distribute weight evenly across the shoulders. 

There are three adjustment locations. The width between the shoulders can be adjusted by simply widening the Velcro tabs, the height also be adjusted by lengthening the rear straps and the ITW QASM clips can be moved between the two front loops for further height adjustment.



  • Offers more stability than basic cross shoulder harness systems
  • Low profile, lightweight without affecting durability
  • Hydration tube/comms cable routing
  • 3 x point adjustment
  • Front MOLLE columns for small pouches/cyalume
  • Compatible with all Chicom platforms, VM Rigs and most other platforms using 25mm buckles (combined with a Chicom backstrap)
  • ITW Fastex® / Nexus Hardware