Small Armour Carrier (SAC)

Product Code: PLAT-829365

Colour: Multicam

The SAC will fit plates up to:

  • Front 280mm (H) x 280mm (W)
  • Back 300mm (H) x 290mm (W)

Weight: 550g


The Small Armour Carrier (SAC) features a minimalist design to reduce weight and enhance ease of movement. With 8 MOLLE columns, the SAC provides enough surface area for first line ammunition and munitions. With a further 8 columns of MOLLE on the rear of the platform, you will be able to attach MOLLE packs such as the Bullock Echo Mk2 or the Med-Echo pack to hold hydration, comms and other mission essential equipment.

Because of its low profile design, it can be worn whilst providing CPP/PSD.

The shoulder straps are fully adjustable with Velcro facing the body for the addition of Platatac SMAC Shoulder pads. The shoulder straps also feature elastic for hydration/comms cable routing. Pictured above is the Platatac SAC clip Cummerbund (sold separately)

For extended storage simply insert any of the Velcro in ASAD pouches. 

The Platatac Chicom Lightweight Rig can also be attached to the SAC with the Platatac Armour carrier Clip set and Elastic Clip set.