The COMM3 system is Mystery Ranch’s new modular communicator’s pack system. A modular version of our COMM2 System can be carried together on the NICE frame or on their own. The main radio compartment secures the PRC117F or G variants, PRC119F, 152s or ASIP radios and can be carried alone with its built-in shoulder straps. The removable laptop bag holds a Toughbook19 and has cable storage and ports for running cabling to the radio. Sustainment gear is handled with the Hitchhiker and Daypack lid -both with shoulders straps to carry separately. The whole system is mounted on the NICE BVS frame for stability with body armor. The modular NICE COMM3 system is ready to adapt to your changing missions.

Set Includes:

•NICE COMM3 Radio Bag
•NICE COMM3 Laptop Case
•NICE COMM3 Battery Pocket
•NICE Daypack Lid
•KDU Pocket
•SAT Pocket


  • Volume: Fits PRC117F, G, or similar-sized radio.
  • Weight: 4.8kg Whole System.
  • Dimensions: 23" x 13" x 8" (without Hitchhiker).
  • Intended Use: NICE Comm System.
  • Frame System: NICE Frame.


  • Modular pack system.
  • Clear view port over keypad and display.