LE/Active Shooter Chest Rig

Product Code: MF-CR3-MC

Colour: Multicam


The Mayflower LE/Active Shooter Chest Rig is a mission focused vest built to provide the Law Enforcement Officer with the necessary tools to respond to escalating situations.

It is designed to carry the following:

  • 4ea 5.56mm magazines
  • 2 pistol magazines
  • 1 patrol radio
  • 1 baton
  • 1 OC canister or flashbang
  • 3 small front GP pockets.

The body of the chest rig has a built-in map pocket with a VELCRO® Brand closure.


The H style harness features loops to route:

  • Antennas,
  • Comms wires 
  • Hydration bladder tubing and is removable via 4 one inch ITW-Nexus side release buckles and designed to be mounted to the front of the Low-Profile Armour Carrier.