M-LOK® Rail Cover, Type 2 M-LOK Slot System

Product Code: MAG603-***

***Colours: Black, Flat Dark Earth, Grey, Olive Drab Green, Pink


M-LOK Type 2 Rail Covers are low-profile, two-piece covers that install directly onto most M-LOK aluminium handguards (non-polymer). These M-LOK Covers are non-orientation specific which allow the user to mount them in any direction desired without affecting function, feature bevelled contours to minimize potential snagging, utilises Magpul's TSP texture for additional grip and protrudes only slightly more than 1/8" from the mounting surface to maintain a low-profile. The centre locking tab is pre-scored to allow the user to snap off sections and mix and match colours for a customised look.

Includes six panels, each covering one M-LOK slot.