Tactile Lock-Plate - Type 1

Product Code: MAG-803-BLK

Colour: Black


The Magpul Tactile Lock-Plate is a magazine enhancement that provides the user with the ability to rapidly and easily identify/differentiate magazines with mixed load-outs such as the ball, tracer, supersonic and subsonic types via raised tactile features.

The Tactile Lock Plate features 1/8” raised ridges that protrude through the magazine floor-plate opening and are purposely pronounced at an optimum height to ensure functionality with gloved hands.

The Magpul Tactile Lock-Plate comes in two fully distinct configurations of 1/8” raised ridges: Type 1 - single ridge and Type 2 - double ridge. These designs provide the user with the ability to quickly and confidently identify three separate load-outs by tactile feel when utilised in conjunction with standard floor plate/lock plate combinations.

Full functionality remains with the magazine inserted in a weapon or in a magazine pouch while retaining the proven PMAG Gen M3 strength and performance characteristics for total end-user confidence.



  • Immediate tactile identification of magazine loadout 
  • Ridge heights are optimized for gloved hand usage  
  • 1/8” feature heights minimize snag hazards and optimize tactile identification  
  • Two fully distinct tactile design features provide three separate options for mixed load-outs 
  • Retains PMAG® GEN M3™ strength and performance characteristics
  • Fits standard PMAG® 10/20/30 AR/M4 GEN M3™ and PMAG® AR 300 B GEN M3™ floor-plates