Cobra 1.5" Rigger Belt

Product Codes:

  • 31CF00MC
  • 31CFV0MC (With Interior Velcro)

Colour: Multicam

**Sizes: S, M, L, XL


This version of our battle proven tactical belt utilises the proven Cobra buckle on a 1.5” web.  It can also include interior velcro feature within the web.

The belt is constructed to the same standards as our 1.75” Cobra belt but is designed for those who need a belt for daily wear around the office or out in the field. This belt's excellent stiffness and rigidity will not allow the weight of holsters and mag pouches to “roll” the belt.

With the velcro version, the velcro matches up with High Speed Gear's Slim-Grip battle belts or with our belt mounted TACO magazine pouches.