G3 “Phantom” Sniper Pack

The Phantom introduces a new type of tactical pack system; it’s the first product that provides an integrated drag bag and backpack. It allows you to carry your heavy weapon in the backpack, either with or without the concealing top-cover. If the cover is not mounted, you can withdraw a full-scale sniper weapon from the pack very quickly. Or, with the cover over the weapon, nobody needs to know what you are carrying. The modular system lets you choose how much or how little of the system you need for your mission: The full set, just the Back Scabbard™, just the pack, or a drag bag. 

Features include:
• Wide access top tray compartment
• Side mounted sleeves for two hydration systems
• MOLLE webbing attachments
• Pull-out rain cover included
• Drainage and clean-out for bottom of scabbard
• New wide-bottom Back Scabbard™ lets you carry rifle butt down or muzzle down
• High quality, extremely comfortable harness and waist belt
• Long pockets perfect for tripods, radios and other longer objects
• Approx. 3200"; 1000D construction; Wt. 8lbs.
• Available in Coyote Brown, Tan, Black, Olive Green, UNICAM™ or ARPAT