4X32 Combat Optics (BCO)

Product Codes:

  • BROWE-BCO-001-ADM-***     4x32 BCO With Red Chevron Reticle For 5.56mm Nato
  • BROWE-BCO-002-ADM-***     4x32 BCO With Red Chevron Reticle For 7.62x51mm Nato      
  • BROWE-BCO-003-ADM-***     4x32 BCO With Red Crosshair Reticle For 5.56mm Nato   
  • BROWE-BCO-005-ADM-***     4x32 BCO With Red Chevron Reticle For 7.62x39mm    
  • BROWE-BCO-006-ADM-***     4x32 BCO With Red Crosshair Reticle For 7.62x51mm Nato    
  • BROWE-BCO-007-ADM-***     4x32 BCO With Red 5.56mm Horseshoe And Dot Reticle


  • Black
  • ***Flat Dark Earth

Mount: American Defence

Reticle Illumination: Red


The 4x32 BROWE Combat Optic (BCO) is a state-of-the-art optic that delivers the highest quality optical glass, high precision machining, with a rugged military design. 


The BCO is a purpose designed and built optic ideally suited for tactical scenarios and well suited for military, police and sportsmen.  Its 7075-T6 forged aluminium housing is compact and lightweight.  This enhances its ability to survive the rigours of field abuse under the most severe environmental conditions.


The BCO’s list of evolutionary technology is long and includes such features as:

  • Target Light Sensor Technology
  • Single Intuitive Control (SIC)
  • BCO Utility Port
  • Battery Sensor
  • Optical Design
  • BCO Microcontroller (Selected Models)