Helium Whisper Boo Boo Pouch

As it's name implies, the Boo Boo Pouch was designed to hold non-essential essentials. Killing bad guys, defending Freedom, slaying hordes of undead is serious work – but sometimes a basic pouch is needed for other vital gear – like a phone or chap stick or wallet. Originally made to hold range essentials such as ear plugs, hand sanitizer, chap stick, and small bandages and offered as the "Boo Boo Kit", the pouch now comes slightly larger and empty to be filled with whatever items are needed.
The pouch measures 4" x 4" x 1" thick but can accommodate different items as the pouch is somewhat playable in its shape. Installs on 2 columns x 2 rows of MOLLE.
Almost unlimited uses.

Helium Whisper Boo Boo Pouch Features:

  • Small phones, cameras.
  • Basic bandages.
  • Lip balm, sunscreen.
  • 2 cans / 1 pack of Vitamin N.
  • 2 sets of linked handcuffs / 1 set hinged cuffs.
  • "Micro Trauma Kit".
  • SERE / Survival kit.
  • Basic cleaning kit.
  • Business cards.
  • Digital accessories.

Product variations

Product CodeProduct DescriptionColour
BLUE-HW-MBBKEMPTY-BK Boo Boo Pouch Black Black
BLUE-HW-MBBKEMPTY-CB Boo Boo Pouch Coyote Brown Coyote Brown