Knoxx® Shotgun CompStock™

Product Codes:

  • K05100-C - Shotgun Stock Remington
  • K05200-C - Mossberg 590 12 Guage
  • K05300-C - Winchester 12 Gauge

Colour: Black


Combining modern technology with a traditional design, the shotgun CompStock has been received with enthusiasm for its ability to reduce recoil with both light and heavy loads. Law enforcement officers, who are required to qualify with a shotgun, will find that the CompStock is the secret to higher scores and better field results while hunters and competitive shooters will see improvements in their hit ratios and scores.



• Ambidextrous design with lightweight polymer and alloy construction
• Single recoil-compensation system reduces felt recoil
• Ergonomic design with integrated grip texture
• Patented Recoil Reducing Technology