The Aimpoint MPS3 is the third generation of passive electronic reflex collimator sights suitable for medium or heavy support weapons. The MPS3 has been developed primarily for military applications. It is ideal for use on mounted weapon systems, on land vehicles, helicopters or ships. Its simplicity of use, based on the  “One Function Principle” allows the user to concentrate on the target and operate the sight even with thick winter gloves.

• Compatible with every generation of NVD
• Designed to stand up to recoil of heavy weapons
• Accessory rails on sight allow for mounting IR or visible lasers
• Can be used with any AA size battery
• ACET technology combined with a AA battery gives 80,000 hours (over 8 years) of typical usage on one battery
• 500,000 hours of use on a single AA battery on NVD setting
• 7 night vision compatibility settings, 9 day settings of which one extra bright
• 2 MOA dot size for long distance engagement
• One Function principle for simplicity of use in field (one rotary switch for light intensity)
• Manually adjustable reticle brightness
• Multi Purpose Sight for use on land, air and at sea
• 1X sight (no magnification)

* Export license / End user certificate required.

Produce Code- AIMPOINT-11704