The Aimpoint CEU (Concealed Engagement Unit) is the latest component incorporated into Aimpoint’s unique Systemof- Systems™ approach. It gives the operator the ability to observe and/or engage a threat from a concealed or covered position. The Aimpoint CEU easily rotates from side to side, so an operator can safely look around either right or left-hand corners. It can also be quickly removed to rapidly  return to direct engagement.

• Designed to be compatible with all Aimpoint® sights
• Constructed to provide a ‘true image’ NOT a mirror image
• Allows aiming above walls, under cars, around corners without exposing oneself
• Does not affect the weapon’s point of impact
• Can be passed between team members
• Rugged and affordable device
• Small and light
• Easily removed from the weapon if necessary
• Turns a standard infantry weapon into a scouting tool
• No need to equip a team member with a specialised weapon
• Rotates a full 260°
• Designed to withstand extreme conditions

Product Code- AIMPOINT-12156

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