• 5.33”(H) x 2.33”(W) x 0.73”(D)
  • Packaged: 6” x 3” x .75”


  • Injection-moulded Thermoplastic material
  • 2” Marking sticks
  • Steel spring 


Blue Force Gear has created incredibly efficient and compact MARCO.  The MARCO are illuminating glow carry marking sticks perfect for room clearing and many other applications. 

The Marco light dispensers come in three colours: yellow, red and clear. This makes them perfect for different types of lighting and situations.


MARCO Carrier Pouch Options

The Marco Pouch is available for belt use, a MOLLE attachment system and a Kydex Pouch to carry. There is the Helium Whisper® Ten-Speed® Pouch for MARCO™ Dispenser, Ten-Speed® Belt Pouch Hanger for MARCO™ and Kydex Pouch for MARCO™ Dispenser 


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Refil Packs

The MARCO Training Light Refill Pack tops up your MARCO Marking Light Stick Dispenser and gets it back in action. 

The refill kit contains 30 individual 2” marking light sticks in a resealable bag and allows the user to load one or all of the light sticks in a MARCO Dispenser.  Just tear the top off the resealable bag and gently load into the MARCO® dispenser.  This saves time unwrapping individually packaged chem lights and significantly reduces dunnage and packaging waste. 

The 2” marking light provides an equivalent light output of taped up 4 inch light sticks in a smaller and lighter package with less bulk than a traditional light stick bundle on your gear.