Double Dragon Sling

Product Code: PLAT-826501

Colour: Black


The Double Dragon sling is designed to be used as an ambidextrous platform for carriage of two weapon systems during covert applications.  The Double Dragon sling has also been recommended for breachers and operators alike.

The Double Dragon sling's design provides comfort for the user whilst maintaining a low profile when worn under a layer of clothing.

Stiffeners inside tubular nylon tape ensure that you never snag on the sling when bringing your weapon up.

The two interchangeable attachment points feature a bungee attachment and also a static attachment with dual snap hooks.

The Double Dragon sling is designed to be used in conjunction with the Platatac Magnetic weapons catch.



  • Covert design
  • Stable crossed-back design
  • Interchangeable clip options with a total of three snap hook attachment points
  • Compatible with a variety of weapon systems