CQT® Ammunition

These polymer rounds are ideal for target shooting, indoor or out, but they are potentially lethal and ARE NOT TO BE FIRED AT PERSONNEL. Suitable for basic firearms training or advanced tactical shooting exercises. CQT® (Close Quarters Target) ammunition is an integral part of the Simunition® reduced-energy training system.

Requiring no special ballistic infrastructure or sophisticated bullet trap devices, these cartridges can be used on reactive, paper or cardboard targets in urban or suburban environments, indoors or out, in improvised facilities or on conventional ranges, without risk of damage to the training facilities. The 9mm CQT® cartridge produces recoil similar to live ammunition and features tactical accuracy up to 30 feet (10 metres). The 5.56mm CQT® features tactical accuracy up to 165 feet (50 metres). 

Correct minimum personal protection must be worn (head, throat and hard groin) when conducting force-on-force training.

The peak noise level exceeds 130db.

Both calibres are considered highly effective small-cartridge training systems by professionals worldwide.