Jungle Rig

Product Code: PLAT-828831

Colour: Multicam


Based on the classic Jungle vest design that has been used by many militaries around the world, the Platatac Jungle Rig brings that comfort and breathability to the 21 century.

The Jungle Rig is a simple but effective lightweight MOLLE platform. Combining Cordura tactical nylon and mesh the Jungle Rig is designed to withstand hard use whilst saving on weight.

Padded shoulders along with a 5 point harness system helps distribute weight and alleviate sore shoulders.

The Jungle Rig is adjustable for a waist range of 30-48 inches.



  • 8 MOLLE rows
  • 18 MOLLE columns
  • Mesh for breathability
  • 30-48 inch adjustable waist
  • ITW Nexus Hardware
  • 500 Denier Cordura