Double Decker Leg Rig

Product Code: 21DL02MC

Colour: Multicam

Dimensions: Leg Panel: 9” L x 6” T x 3” W


This compact leg rig is set up for a quick source of role-specific gear.  Perfect for a low profile setup for any mission.  It features 3 Double Decker TACO®'s sewn to the panel for a slick rifle based sub load.  The rifle/pistol TACO® combination will hold your magazines and other gear securely.


  • Versatile design allows use with most rifle magazines, pistol magazines and other gear
  • Magazines are held securely; deployed easily and silently on demand
  • Strip of loop Velcro sewn inside rifle pouches


  • Attaches in two places for comfort and function
  • Belt connections can be left on belt allowing quick deployment via quick release buckles
  • Padded mesh back and rubberised leg strap ensure performance and stability
  • Ambidextrous

All Taco® pouches are made of Cordura, an injection moulded polymer and shock-cord. The pouches maintain a positive, adjustable grip of the magazines and do not require any other securing systems unless desired.