SOC-C Modular Padded Belt System

The ultimate modular system for carrying first line gear in any climate or situation. Includes left, right, rear padded MOLLE belt sections, padded foam inserts, suspenders, and loop covered inner duty belt.

Soc-C Modular Padded Belt System Features:

  • 601g / 21.2oz.
  • One size fits most. Waist sizes between 30” and 46”. Adaptable to fit most body sizes, location of the belt on the wearer.
  • 2” tubular Cordura webbing inner belt with ITW dual adjust side release buckle.
  • Buckles can also be removed from inner belt and used with Cobra or other aftermarket buckles.
  • Allows securing of drop-leg accessories, pouches, and holsters in any location on the inner belt.
  • Closed cell foam inserts for comfort, support, and stiffens the belt system.
  • Can be worn with or without the included adjustable suspenders.
  • Back panel : 9 Columns MOLLE, 2 Rows.
  • Side panels (2) : 7 Columns, 2 Rows.