MC-2 Mirror Compass

Product Codes:

  • Northern Hemisphere - SUUNTO-SS004231001
  • Southern Hemisphere - SUUNTO-SS004230012

Measurements: 65 x 101 x 18 mm / 2.56 x 3.98 x 0.71 "

Weight: 74 g / 2.61 oz

Bezel material: Plastic


The Suunto MC-2 Mirror Compass is a professional mirror compass with top-of-the-line features for precise directional measurements. 

When venturing out into new territory, these sighting compasses offer precision navigation with a variety of carefully engineered and dependable features for challenging conditions.

The Compass includes sighting tools for accurate direction taking, an Adjustable Declination correction and operable in low light with luminescent markings. The Suunto MC-2 Mirror Compass is available balanced for either the Northern or South hemisphere.



  • High-grade steel needle with jewel bearing
  • Adjustable declination correction
  • Liquid filled capsule for stable operation
  • Mirror for sighting bearings and signalling
  • Sighting hole and notch for accurate bearings
  • Clinometer
  • Luminescent markings for working in low light
  • Metric UTM scales and inch ruler
  • Baseplate with magnifying lens
  • Detachable snap-lock lanyard with a wristlock. Easy to detach for working with the map
  • Suunto limited lifetime warranty