Helium Whisper Multi-Radio Pouch

Blue Force Gear designed this modular radio pouch with convenience and speed in mind. Designed around the Thales MBITR Radio, the pouch is also compatible with the Harris Falcon III or other similarly sized radios. The bottom flap of the Radio Pouch allows the user to change out the battery of most units without removing the radio from the pouch. The MBITR Pouch is extremely lightweight at only 3.6oz and fully MOLLE compatible. The proprietary elastic sides allow for perfect retention for holding chem lights, markers, or other small gear.

This item is fully compatible with and attaches to all MOLLE platforms.

Product variations

Product CodeProduct DescriptionColour
BLUE-HW-M-MBITR-CB Multi-Radio Pouch Coyote Brown Coyote Brown