Light Pouch 6P/6R/TL-2®/TT-2/M-6 - CORDURA®

Product Code: 44A200BK

Colour: Black


This all-purpose light pouch is moulded from durable CORDURA® nylon for years of dependable daily use.  It holds Streamlight Scorpion/Strion/TT-2/TL-2®, SureFire 6P/G-2, Pelican M-6 and similar lights.



• Fits Streamlight Scorpion / Strion / TT-2 / TL-2®, SureFire 6P / G-2, Pelican M-6 and similar lights 
• Fits light with a maximum diameter of 1.188" and 4.375" - 5" in length