Baton Belt Pouch

Product Code: BT-TSP-BATON-01-MC

Colour: Multicam

Weight: 20g

Size: 2.25" x 5.5"


The Baton Belt Pouch holds a standard extendable baton for law enforcement officers or concealed carry users. 

The Baton Belt Pouch attaches to regular belts, rigger’s belts or duty belts with a hook and loop attachment system. The attachment system is split so the pouch can be attached on both sides of a belt loop to keep the pouch from rotating.  The hook and loop attachment is able to be removed so the pouch can be mounted horizontally on the belt. 




  • One extendable baton

Belt Size:

  • Fits belts up 2" wide (vertical) 
  • Fits belts 1.25" belts (horizontally)


  • Military-grade Ten-Speed® elastic front
  • ULTRAcomp™ high-performance laminate