HW Double M4 Pouch

Product Code: PLAT-829069

Colour: Multicam

Weight: 52g


The Double M4 Pouch will fit up to two M4 Magazines, a Smoke Grenade and work as an exigent holster. This pouch has been designed to be a crossover between closed flap and shingle style pouches. The Double M4 features internal elastic retention to ensure magazines do not fall out from the pouch while the Velcro Flap has been disengaged. This functionality enables the Double M4 Pouch to be used as a double shingle when in CQB.



  • Low profile
  • Lightweight
  • Fits 2x M4 Magazines
  • Index Tab on Flap
  • Zero Internal seams to eliminate the chance of magazine catching when time is critical
  • Velcro Flap ensures magazine security
  • Internal Elastic Retention enables the UK M4 to be used as a double shingle (tuck Velcro Flap behind magazines)
  • Helium Whisper Backer made by Blue Force Gear
  • Genuine Multicam Fabric