BB Shingle with Pistol Mag

Product Code: PLAT-825320

Colour: Multicam


The BB Shingle with Pistol is designed for those who prefer a shingle type magazine pouch but desire more magazine retention and security. The BB Shingle features the same shock cord retention seen on most shingle designs however also utilizes elastic sides to ensure a maximum hold on your magazines.

The BB Shingle with Pistol is not stackable but it features a pistol shingle on the front of the pouch which is capable of holding most pistol magazines. This has been tested using USP and Browning magazine types. The shock cord on all Platatac Shingles is adjustable allowing the use of different length magazines.

The BB Shingle fits both M4 and F88 magazines



  • MOLLE Compatible
  • Pistol magazine shingle on front of pouch
  • Fits M4, F88 or similar magazine types
  • Shock Cord magazine retention with removable grip tab
  • Elastic sides for Further magazine security
  • Maintain pouch shape for ease of use
  • Minimise magazine drag
  • Drainage grommet
  • Genuine Multicam Nylon