3 Day Assault

Mystery Ranch designed their 3 Day Assault to be the last word on assault packs. Big enough to carry sustainment gear, extra ammo, IFAKs, and all manners of tactical radios. The 3Zip design gets you in the pack fast –rip, unzip and you’re in. PALS web on the sides and on the inside back panel give you options to expand. The side compression straps compress the bag down when not fully loaded and can hold longer items, like M4s, aiming stakes, or tripods securely. Built for Military use, the 3 Day Assault pack is popular with hunters and Police tactical units as well.


  • Volume: 32.8L
  • Weight: 2.3kg
  • Dimensions: 18"x11.5"x8.5" (46cm x 29cm x 22cm)
  • Intended Use: Daypack, Assault Pack
  • Frame System: Futura


  • Futura Ruck
  • Futura Yoke
  • Live Wing Belt System
  • 3Zip access
  • Internal sleeves and ports integrate up to three hydration reservoirs into the pack
  • Radio inputs, outputs and antennas route easily through the three urethane coated zippered ports
  • Med pallet or computer pocket module available
  • PAL Web on the sides of the pack and interior lets you customize for the mission
  • Available with the Mystery Ranch BVS for use with body armor