Leather Multi-Position Holster

Product Codes:

  • 421201BN-*     Colt Gov't 1911 & Most Clones w, w/o Standard Rail
  • 421202BN-*     S&W K/L Frame, Ruger GP-100 Colt King Cobra & Python (4 & #82)
  • 421203BN-*     S&W N-frame Full Lug & Ruger Redhawk (4"Barrel)
  • 421204BN-*     S&W N-frame Full Lug (6" Barrel)
  • 421207BN-*     Ruger Super Redhawk (7.5" Barrel)

Colour: Brown

*Left or Right handed (L/R)


This classic belt scabbard allows you to wear your handgun either strong-side or cross-draw and is the perfect holster for your large-frame revolver.



• Classic belt scabbard allows either strong-side or cross-draw wear
• Perfect for large-frame revolvers