Leather Compact Askins Holster

Proudct Codes:

  • 420501**-*      Colt Gov't & Cmdr 1911 & Most Clones with or without standard rail         
  • 420502**-*      Glock 9/.40/.357/Model 36
  • 420503**-*      Glock 20/21/29/30/37/38/39
  • 420504BK-*    H&K P2000/USP Compact 9/.40
  • 420506BK-*    S&W J-frame, Taurus 85 & Ruger SP101
  • 420510BK-*    Sig P220/P225/P226 with or without standard rail
  • 420511**-*      Springfield XD/XD Sub-Compact/XDM
  • 420522BK-*    Beretta PX4 Storm (not sub compact)
  • 420523BK-*    Kahr CW9/CW40/P9/P40/K9/K40
  • 420528**-*      Ruger SR9/SR40/SR9c/SR40c

Colours: Black, Brown

Left or Right handed (L/R)


Featuring a minimalist design, the Leather Compact Askins Holster offers versatility and comfort in a high-quality package.



• Belt loop keeps handgun close to waist
• Trailing belt loop pulls holster in tight to body
• Injection-moulded sight track for smooth draw and re-holster
• Adjustable tension screw for customised retention
• Reinforced opening for consistent ease in re-holstering
• Accommodates full-size or compact model handguns