Leather Check-Six™ Holster

Product Codes:

  • 420701BK-*     Colt Gov't 1911 & Most Clones with or without standard rail  
  • 420702BK-*     Colt Cmdr 1911 & Most Clones with or without standard rail
  • 420703BK-*     Glock 17/19/22/23
  • 420704BK-*     Glock 26/27/33
  • 420705BK-*     S&W J-frame, Taurus 85
  • 420707BK-*     Sig P220/P225/P226 w, w/o Standard rail (Not E2)
  • 420708BK-*     Springfield XD Sub-compact
  • 420718BK-*     S&W M&P 9/.4 w, w/o Safety (4.25" Barrel)
  • 420719BK-*     S&W M&P 9/.40 Compact
  • 420720BK-*     S&W M&P .45 & 9/.40 Pro
  • 420721BK-*     Springfield XDM (not tactical or comp series)
  • 420722BK-*     Beretta PX4 Storm (not sub compact)
  • 420723BK-*     Kahr CW9/CW40/P9/P40/K9/K40

Colour: Black

*Left or Right handed (L/R)


When employing a long gun as the primary weapon, this holster’s position is perfect for your handgun because it won’t interfere with the operation of your long gun. Sitting securely just behind the hip, the Check Six Holster gives you options, comfort and speed.



• Designed to hold handgun close to natural contour of the waist
• Flat holster back protects body from sharp edges
• Adjustable tension screw for customised retention