Cold WX Zip Neck AR Men's (Wool)

Product Code: ARC-15381

***Sizes: XS, S, M, L, XL, XXL

**Colours: Black and Crocodile

Weight: 235 g / 8.3 oz


A durable midweight base layer zip neck shirt that regulates temperature in cold weather conditions. Primary next–to–skin component that provides moisture management and thermal efficiency in a layering system.


  • Natural Merino Wool has anti–odour properties and retains warmth when damp.
  • Nylon Core Spun Technology adds material strength and resilience.
  • Zip Neck ventilates excess heat.
  • Gusseted Armpits increase comfort and durability by providing a full range of unrestricted motion.


  • ABMT 180gsm Nylon Core Spun Merino Wool