Ops-Core Helmet Cover V2

Product Code: PLAT-8322**

*Colour: Black, Multicam

*Sizes: M/L, L/XL, XXL


The Platatac Ops-Core helmet cover V2 has been designed with camouflage and functionality in mind.

Easily mounted to the Ops-Core FAST helmet series with Velcro® adhesive tape backing (provided). The cover includes elastic loops on the top of the cover to fit cyalume sticks for night operations. It also features a pocket under the elastic loops shaped to fit the S&S Precision® V Lite. The cover has a doubled layered shroud cover with the option to be fitted on top or below the helmet shroud via heat cut openings.

On the rear is a Velcro® field for the attachment of an Adventure Light VIP strobe or similar strobes. You will also find a Low profile Velcro-on pouch for the carriage of a dual NVG battery pack, counterweights. or a PRC 152 battery; the pouch also has a quite loop field for IFFs. The pouch can be further secured with the side webbing allowing the pouch to be screwed to the helmet. The mesh lid of the pouch has an adjustable height via velcro inside the pouch.

The cover requires Velcro hook and loop on the helmet for attachment (not included).



  • Pocket for the S&S Precision® V Lite on top of the helmet or cyalume sticks
  • Additional elastic loops for Cyalume sticks
  • Velcro® area on the rear above low profile pocket for the Adventure Light VIP strobe
  • Low profile removable pocket on the rear for the battery/counterweights
  • Two quiet loops 80mm x 50mm fields for IFFs and ANFs
  • Four quite loop fields for IR tape
  • Doubled layered shroud cut out
  • Made from omega mesh and 500D Multicam® fabric