Pandora Firing Device (Individual)

Product Code: CGS-PANDORA


While remaining incredibly safe, the CGS Pandora™ double-action only, striker fired method of operation is effortless to use and requires very little end-user training.



  • The CGS Pandora™ strikers remain constantly, positively, and mechanically locked into a safe position before and after firing.
  • The dual independent striker block safeties ensure that the strikers remain held away from the primers of the direct fire system to ensure safety at all times up until the moment the device is intentionally fired.
  • The patent-pending firing mechanism achieves true dual independent striker, sear, and safety operation using two firing channels physically separated by the trigger assembly.
  • Simple to assemble and disassemble, easy to clean, and is user serviceable in the field should any maintenance be required.
  • Fits perfectly in any common M16 Magazine Pouch.