Super MCX SSA Trigger

Product Code: CP-MCX

Trigger Bow Type:

  • Geiselle Curved
  • M4 Curved
  • Flat


The Super MCX SSA was designed as a high performance, combat inspired two stage trigger. Derived from our CRANE Safety Certified M4 carbine trigger, the Super Semi-Automatic (SSA), the Super MCX delivers all of the same performance, reliability, safety and forgiveness features that the SSA possesses.

The Super MCX is a 4.5lb., non-adjustable, two-stage trigger that provides the shooter with precise and accurate trigger control. The trigger is light enough to be used in precision applications but is forgiving enough to be used in demanding applications such as close quarter battle (CQB) scenarios.

These features make the Super MCX ideal for hunting, law enforcement, and military type applications and make this trigger a perfect trigger for all around use.