30 April 2019

Edgar Brothers set to invest £1 million in new infrastructure

Edgar Brothers, the UK’s largest firearms and ammunition distributor, has announced ambitious plans to invest nearly £1million upgrading its infrastructure.

Based in Cheshire, the firm has already spent £360,000 buying a vacant industrial unit adjacent to its warehouse and is about to start a £500,000 renovation project converting it into a suite of offices and joining the two buildings together.

The company currently rents office space on the other side of the road from its existing warehouse but now plans to create one interconnected facility.

Ian Gordon, Edgar Brothers’ recently-appointed managing director, said: “The building we have bought needs to be totally gutted and built up internally from scratch, but the end result, consolidating into one facility rather than being in separate buildings across the road from each other, will improve our operational capabilities.

“We’ll have spent nearly £1million on the new building by the time it is finished, so it represents a big investment and underlines the confidence we have in our long-term strategy for growth going forward.”

Work on the new unit is expected to begin in late February. The project is expected to take six months to complete.