05 April 2019

Breakthrough launches Battle Ropes for cleaning shotguns and rifles

US company Breakthrough® Clean Technologies, founded in 2013, has launched a new product: Battle Ropes™, available in a huge variety of calibre widths. The Battle Ropes™ are designed to better clean the bores of firearms, with an integrated bronze brush and a detachable hard bristle nylon brush. The double brushes provide double the cleaning action than most leading brands of “pull-through” cleaning tools while being easy to use and small enough to carry in a pocket.   


Distributed exclusively in the UK by Edgar Brothers, the Breakthrough®Battle Ropes™have a threaded brass link to allow for quick detachment of the nylon brush, while a weighted brass end ensures that the system can be guided through the bore of the firearm with ease. As well as the detachable nylon brush, the Battle Rope™is set apart from other cleaning systems by a thicker Battle Rope™, ensuring that the entire bore is filled to ensure a superior clean. Each Battle Rope™has a tag marking its calibre so that it is easily identifiable. 


Battle Ropes™are designed for both rifle and shotgun use, with both 12 and 20-bore sizes and rifle sizes starting at .22 calibre. Quick and easy to use, Battle Ropes™ also comes in a package that includes a handy bag and mini bottles of cleaner to ensure you can clean your firearms when you are out in the field. 

For more information, visit our Breakthrough page or find your local stockist here!